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It's Easy To Get Frustrated

I found myself getting frustrated with the pharmacy technician the other day. I am a somewhat quiet person but when it comes to my meds and things to do with my lung cancer diagnosis, I make sure that I am heard.

Lung cancer patients know all about customer service

As lung cancer survivors we come across many customer service type people whether that is a pharmacy tech, our nurses, or even someone from the insurance company. We are all human and it is easy to take out our frustrations on them, but we need to remember that they are human too and do not deserve that.

The quest to refill a prescription

In my case I needed a prescription refilled. I submit for my refills via an app and then go in about a day or two later to pick it up. I do this because they do not update me as it is a small hometown pharmacy, and I figured waiting a day or two will ensure that it has been filled. I sometimes call but this time I did not because I was in the area. I was told that they needed to contact the doctor to get a new script. That was fine and I told them I would reach out to them as well. I messaged my oncologist’s office and was assured the prescription was sent in.

I had called the pharmacy to check on the prescription and was told again that they did not hear from my oncologist, so I again reached out to them. I sent another message thru MyChart and found that they had sent the prescription to the wrong pharmacy. Honest mistake, really.

Inquiring the help of my oncologist's office

Due to a few factors, I went back a few days later and called on my way to the pharmacy and was told AGAIN that they did not have it. I ended up being very frustrated with the pharmacy tech because I felt like a ping pong ball being batted back and forth from the oncologist’s office to the pharmacy.

I chose to call my oncologists office on the phone as opposed to sending a message and spoke with a very nice lady. She called the pharmacy and they got it squared away.

Lung cancer and medical insurance

Another scenario that I have found myself in is when I have had to speak with someone at the insurance company. In the world of lung cancer, we have to get pre-authorizations, figure out coverage, work out prescriptions details, and things of that nature. I have found myself talking with multiple people from the insurance company and still not getting what I had called for accomplished.

The point of my story is that as cancer survivors we will be on the phone or sending messages constantly. We do not need the added stressors that come with these frustrations. Stand your ground and make sure that you are getting your point across but also make sure that you are not taking your frustrations out on someone who does not deserve it. Making phone calls to the pharmacy, hospital, insurance company, etc. is a good task for a caregiver to handle.

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