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A Caregiver's Care

Sometimes it’s difficult to wrap your head around how you’ve gotten to this place with cancer. The same sentiment holds true for those who care for you. A caretaker’s job is like no other, it shows the true power of dedication and commitment. The decisions and the bending shoulders tend to leave stains of stress, uncertainty, in carrying their loved ones through the next stage of the unknown.

I recall my mother uttering she didn’t want to be a burden...I loathe that word because how can being there for your spouse, sister, brother, parents, children, or friend possibly be a burden if you’re in this fight for the right reason. Though we embrace being the positive partner of hope as an assistance partner; it can be a lot emotionally and at times physically.

Take care of your mental health

In no way should mental care be taken lightly. It can be a big deciding factor. Will this assistance partner be all they can be in the road ahead and endure the challenges if their mental care isn't looked after? If you as the caregiver feel this step in being there in whatever capacity is too much of a stronghold, then perhaps you should consider sitting this out or recruiting a team to help your loved one when you need that mental break.

Making decisions or being a partner in those very important and life-changing conversations is not easy. You may wonder if you are in fact the right person to do this? What I can say is that life definitely throws in lemons, oranges, and kiwis in decision-making, but we learn to roll with the situations and do the best we can. Don’t beat yourself up too much if you drop the ball somewhere down the line. You got this!

A break a day keeps the doctor away

Taking care of matters for any other individual takes a lot of mental and physical stability. Sometimes the decisions have to be quick; it helps to be geared up for the process as things unfold. A caregiver taking the time to take a break in midst of the madness, helps their loved one make the best decisions and be all that they can be for those who depend on you.

If you play a role in taking your loved one to their appointments be sure to take a breather before doing so. Take the needed time necessary to clear your thoughts and ensure that you’re doing what you need to do in being healthy, such as:

  • Exercise
  • Healthy diet
  • Journaling


Sometimes we get so involved in our loved one's care, we forget to set time out for ourselves, in being the healthiest we can be for us and for them. It does little good if both parties are not fit to handle conditions that may come your way when caring for those with lung cancer. You’re taking someone else to the doctor for their check-ups, but are you on top of your own healthcare? Scheduling may or may not be challenging but do be on top of keeping your own doctor appointments; you can’t stop living just because of what is happening at this moment. Don’t neglect your own health.

Remember you’re all in this together, but don’t limit your own well-being in doing so.

 The time to fight is now, with integrity, grace, hope, and a smile...when you feel like it.

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