A Discerning Life With Lung Cancer

Unending new developments in lung cancer research and clinical trials give me hope for my future. There are more treatment options giving patients’ better quality of lives and even longer lives.

Cancer treatment is just one part of routine while living with lung cancer. On top of that, we add up the necessary tests and scans for checking its effectiveness.

However, I must also live a discerning life despite my medical condition. Another new year to continue cultivating virtues with my cancer care team.

Full disclosure all the way

My medical condition requires me to be honest in everything with my cancer care team. Right now, my lung cancer is under the surveillance of my medical oncologist. All my new and current symptoms must be known for immediate resolution or relief.

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In addition, my family doctor’s still play a role taking care of my other physical needs unrelated to lung cancer.

We all want everything to working out well. But living with lung cancer entails side effects, physical changes, lifestyle changes, and emotional changes from treatment. Despite the bombardments of struggles, I have learned to be content with the quality of life I get from my treatment.

Having a medical condition under control make traveling and enjoying time with my loved ones viable. They are blessings from God.

Being attentive

After diagnosis, I am aware of all the related side effects of my targeted therapy treatment. My body allows the toxicity of my daily intake of my TKI pills.

How my body reacts makes me not exempted to dose changes when side effects are too much. Open communication with my cancer care team is necessary on monitoring or checking for symptoms. Moreover, with early detection I can get immediate relief or treatment.

My husband and I love to travel together. However, travel involves risks as a cancer patient.

Anything can happen from flight delays, long walks, harsh weather conditions, and medical emergency. Good planning and arrangements make a comfortable travel.

Thanks to our employers for providing travel health insurance. It comes handy when needed.

Accepting the monitoring

Routine checkup and monitoring are part of my schedule. Every two months I get to see or have phone calls from my oncologist discussing bloodwork and scan results.

Due to my brain metastases I need to have twice a year brain MRI. Of course, CT scans come every four months to check the condition of my lung tumor.

My acceptance to monitoring relieves me from anxiety and stress. On to another year of scans and bloodwork.

Choosing harmony and unity

A group of people are involved on my survivorship from lung cancer. I am indebted to all the people who have goals and commitment to give me decent quality of life. They are big partners and contributors that I am still alive today.

A new year means facing the same medical condition with a discerning life and dedication to my lung cancer care team.

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