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Reflection on Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games opened on July 23, 2021, one year after the planned date because of the pandemic. I become very emotional about the Olympic Games this year because, precisely at the last Olympic Game in 2016, I made a secret plea.

Remembering the 2016 Olympics

The last Olympic Summer Game was in Brazil in July 2016. I couldn't remember any athletes' achievements or performances, nor I cared about Olympic Games at the beginning because I was diagnosed with lung cancer one year ago in 2015, and I was still in shock. I remember the fear, frustration, and guilt vividly, like the wave constantly hitting the rocks even one year later. All I did was endured the misery, nevertheless feeling to watch Olympic Games.

One evening during the Olympic Games in Brazil, I sat numbly in front of the TV alone and aimlessly gazing at the TV. Suddenly the audients on TV started to be intense and quiet. It was two Canadian athletes' turn to compete for the medals of the trampoline. The two Canadian girls were amazing. The competition was fascinating, and I couldn't help follow the trampoline games. Finally, the Canadian won the gold medal on the trampoline. The scene is boiling, and the audience was unbelievably excited.

My secret plea

The exciting competition gave me a touch of pleasure. Don't underestimate such joy. I still remember that the escape from the depression of lung cancer to the nervous trampoline competition made me think that life was not that bad.

For me, in such a vast depression, confusion, and frustration of lung cancer, a small pleasure went a long way to make me feel that life was worthwhile to live, although the inspiration was for a short period. I vividly remember asking myself: Could I see the next Olympics Game? Was this the last Olympic Games I ever saw? I remember that I almost assured myself: This was the last Olympic Game that I would see, so I'd better enjoy it. After that, I remember I watched the rest Olympic Games.

Reflections on the 2020 games

Now five years have passed about the Olympic Games in Brazil. I just celebrated my sixth cancerversary in June this year. Recalling this six years' journey, especially at the beginning of the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Game, I confidently summarized:

  1. Research saves lives! Suppose it's not cancer research, clinical trials, and my beloved oncologist. In that case, I dare not to think about six years' survival, just like I wouldn't imagine that I could experience the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Game five years ago.
  2. Cherish every minute of your life, even if you don't see the hope at the moment.

My not-so-secret plea

Now I'm at the exact moment of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Game as the Brazil one. Several times I questioned myself, "Can I have good luck one more time?" "Can I survive for three more years?" I have faith in (lung) cancer research and development, and I'm confident about my doctors and nurses. I'll do my best to contribute advocacy for lung cancer.

My plea is to see the next Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

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