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Triangle 5mm jagged nodule should I be concerned

Had a ct scan for lung cancer this year a 5 mm triangle jagged nodule showed up . That was not there last year My oncologist said nothing , my primary doct received the results and asked me about it as well as the imaging that found some blockage in my heart ( also oncologist didn’t mention) cardiologist has me scheduled for test tomorrow.
Should I call my oncologist and ask if I should be concerned about the nodule? I have other lung issues copd asthma bronchitis & pneumonia a lot .

  1. Personally, I would call my oncologist with a list of questions to find out what the next steps should be. Will they be monitoring you and diligently watching the nodule with scans or sending you for further tests, such as a PET scan or biopsy? It sounds like if it is anything concerning, it was caught very early and treatable. If the oncologist doesn't answer your questions to your satisfaction, you may want to consider another opinion in a comprehensive cancer center. Please feel free to update us,we are here to share and support each other. Warmly, Alisa, Lung Cancer Team Patient Leader

    1. thank you for the information

    2. Hi . Just want to check in and ask how you are doing. I know you were having some tests done and hope you got some answers/clarifications and moving towards getting any treatment you need. Best, Richard ( Team)

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