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I have stage 3 lung cancer was diagnosed last August

I had no sign or symptoms prior . Then woke up to my eye twitching on lasted a minute or so . Happened one more time so I went to ER. Took some test then when getting ready for CT I had twitching of the eye again and the nurse put me in s bed and started me on seizure meds. I was immediately taken for CT . In an hour or so I had a brain surgeon and oncologist at my bed . Surgeon said I had a tumor on the right side in my brain that had traveled from my lung . Oncolologist told me I had lung cancer . Surgeon said had to be removed the next morning and that I was lucky I only had two small seizures . That I could have had a massive seizure and would may have to learn how to talk walk again . So I had surgery the tumor was close to the outer brain they said the rest of the brain showed no cancer. I was out on steroids for inflamation and was out of ICU after one evening and wasn't incubated after surgery . About one month of recovering from brain surgery I started 6 treatments of a very strong Chemo and also another plus keytruda. I had a Ct after 3rd treatment and tumor shrunk and shrunk again after the 6 th treatment . I was then taken off the strongest Chemo they said that Chemo would not do anymore after the 6 treatment . So no I'm on 1 Chemo and keytruda with one y last treatment tomorrow for now because Dr wants a CT in 2 weeks or so to see where we stand. I forgot to mention that they found a small amount also spread to my clavicle bone and tats why I was diagnose as stage 3 . Also had a small dose of radiation to my brain in the beginning and have had 2 MRI since then they both showed no sign of anything growing in the brain . Scheduled for another MRI for brain end of August. I'm so scared to have the next CT in two weeks . I can't stop thinking what it will show and what the next step will be for me. Ugh Sorry such a long text.

  1. Wishing you the very best! This site is a great place to find hope and encouragement. I understand the anxiety that comes with CT scans. Please keep us updated.

    1. Hi , thank you so much for sharing. You're not alone - please know that we are here for you; many in the community continue to feel this anxiety before scans ( You may find these tips helpful both in waiting to have a scan and in waiting for results: - and please do keep us updated if you'd like to - we're sending positive vibes and wishing for the best! Warmly, Margot, Team Member

      1. Thank you Margot. I'm trying To keep busy till my Scan in two weeks. It's very hard to stay positive with all I've been through . I'm thankful that I'm still here it's almost been a year .

    2. Wishing you clear scans.

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