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Physical Activity Hobbies

Do you have a physical activity hobbies that helps you cope with lung cancer?

  1. Hi Kailah, not sure if meditation and breathwork are considered physical, but that helps me in the moment. I also like to walk, helps take my mind off of things. I used to workout all the time, which really helped, but I am dealing with some rib pain, along with shoulder issues, so for now, my gym days of lifting weights and using the eliptical are on hold, I hope I can resume one day soon!

    1. , meditation, breath work, and walking sound like wonderful ways to help cope--I'm glad they are helping you currently. I hope your rib pain and shoulder issues subside soon!
      Well wishes,
      Christina, Team

  2. I take 2 aquatics classes back to back -90 in total 3x week- one is for arthritis in standing water-the other is an a harder class in deep water-its easier on my joints in standing water-the deep water helped my endurance but took a while-b4 i started i told the instructor and she said i should stop whenever if felt tired-she didnt make a big deal out of it and over time I got to the point where i can complete her class

    1. , I'm glad you've found a good routine for yourself and with a good instructor to be understanding and help you along. Thank you for sharing!
      All the best,
      Christina, Team

    2. This is awesome! I'm happy your instructor stressed working through the class at your own speed- great advice! It's wonderful with consistency you're now a rockstar in completing the full class, this is something worth a pat on the back. Best!
      Yolanda( Team)

  3. I go to the gym and 2-3 times a week. Walk on he treadmill, do the bicycle and other things. Best part is the massage chair when I’m finished.
    We have a pickle ball court recently built near the house and I’ll hit the balls but I really tire too fast with that. Also In the summer swimming in the pool relaxing and exercise.

    1. I hear you on the chair massage, the best exercize lol! ~ Alisa

  4. I do beaded jewelry to take my mind off things. I usually repurpose old pins, beads etc, after checking to see if they're valuable as is. My latest beaded jewelry.

    1. Those are really pretty, you are very talented. Thank you for sharing! Best, Alisa

    2. This is a beautiful piece. I'm sure creating these can be very relaxing and satisfying. Please keep at it! Best!
      Yolanda( Team)

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