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New to This Journey, Question?

I am writing because the doctor had ordered an X-Ray and CT Scan of my chest.
The findings said there is a Spiculated Mass in the upper left lobe of the lung. As a result, they have ordered a PET Scan of my entire torso. My question is, do I have cause to be alarmed. I have heard that a Spiculated Mass is normally malignant? Can anyone tell me if this is true? I have so many questions and can't bear this waiting. I'm scheduled to have .y PET Scan this Thursday, May 5th. Any help would be very appreciated.
Thank you!

  1. Hi , I'm sorry you are going through this, I know how overwhelming it can be, I was diagnosed with lung cancer 22 years ago and I understand. Quite often spiculated nodules are cancerous, I have attached a link below that has a paragraph about spiculated nodules and some lung cancer information. Please know that if it should be positive for cancer, there have been so many advances that hope is real. Wishing you all the best with your PET scan. Please feel free to follow up with us and let us know how it goes. We are here to share and support each other. Warmly, Alisa, LungCancer Team,%2Finflammatory%20lesion%20%5B11%5D.

    1. Alisa, thank you so much for responding. I will absolutely keep you informed.
      I lost my husband in December to cancer. I cared for him for 2 1/2 years. It's quite different being on this side. I will try to remain positive and just take things as they unfold. Thank you so much for responding to me.

      1. I'm so sorry you lost your husband to lung cancer. I was a caregiver to my Mom, who I lost to lung cancer right before my own diagnosis. I have seen the amazing advances since then. Will be looking forward to an update and holding you close! ~ Alisa

      2. Sorry for your loss. I really hope the news today is with clarity. As Alisa mentioned there have been so many new developments in treatment that provide positive hope for lung cancer survivors. Please let us know how everything turns outs.
        Wishing you the very best!

    2. Hi,
      So, a little update. I had my PET Scan completed on Thursday. The doctor called me the same day. He said it appears that the mass in my lung is cancer. He said I will need to see a Pulmonoligist. On a good note, it does not appear to have metastasized to anywhere else. I have an appointment with him on May 26th.
      No one has suggested seeing an oncologist? I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not. I'm a bit bewildered and trying to let things sink in for now.

      1. Hi , I'm sorry to hear the doctor said it is cancer, but it sounds like it was caught early, as it appears not to have spread. I know you need time to let it sink in, I get that, it is very overwhelming, especially at the beginning before a treatment routine settles in.

        I can understand not sending you to an oncologist right away since it looks early stage it is possible that surgery and/or radiation will be what is needed. However, I'm surprised he suggested a pulmonolist and not a thoracic surgeon as your next step. I'm sure that doctor will guide you to where you need to be though. Do you know if the pulmonologist an interventional pulmonologist? ~ Alisa

      2. Hello, My my nodule was discovered in a routine xray for bronchitis, my PCP also referred me to a pulmonologist who thru scans, a PET and 2 bronchoscopies (revealed nothing),watched it for 3 years, then when a change was noted, referred me to a thoracic surgeon. The thoracic surgeon would have referred me to an oncologist but with the nodule being very small - actually smaller than shown on scan - no lymph involvement, it was removed thru a lobectomy. Then a determination was made by my pcp, the surgeon and pulmonologist that no chemo or radiation was necessary. That was 7 years ago. I still have periodic follows xrays as this is the protocol followed by my pulmo which I continue to see.
        So, in your case, the referral to a pulmonologist to manage your care seems to me to be appropriate as it was done in my case. The pulmo then can review all info, and refer you to either a thoracic surgeon, if appropriate, or to an oncologist if your case warrants it. My advice is try to find the best pulmonologist you can to manage your care. And be your own best advocate. All the best JimmyR

    3. Alisa I do not know. Since I had dealt with an Oncologist for my husband, who we both liked very much, do you think I should reach out to him? Any guidance of what my next steps should be, would be appreciated. Thanks!

      1. He runs his own Cancer Center. It's called Lindenberg Cancer and Hematology.

      2. Please let us know how it goes! All the best, Alisa

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