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Making Connections with Other Lung Cancer Patients

What is it like forming friendships with others in support groups or facing a similar situation as you are? Do you find it difficult to stay in touch with people in your life when facing a scary situation in your lung cancer journey? Share with us.

  1. I have made so many friends within the lung cancer survivor groups over the years and now find I am closer to many of them than I am with my friends outside of the lung cancer community. We support each other and understand what we are going through more than anyone else can. I sometimes find it difficult to stay in touch with my "old" friends as over the years I have less in common with them. I have a few close friends outside of the lung cancer community that are like family, I don't find it difficult staying in touch with those few.

    1. Not really. Some back and forth with some who run this site, but that was a while ago. Since going into remission, I have been severely depressed. My ribs in pain constantly, deteriorated, so much of my body failed from chemo. Life just sucks.

      1. Hi , it's been a while since we heard from you. I'm sorry you are in so much pain still, I can relate, my body feels like it's falling apart. Try to hang onto the encouraging news that you are in remission. I would love to hear those words, but unfortunately I'm dealing with more issues. I don't remember if you told me you are going for palliative care? They can really help with pain and side effects from treatment. I believe your lung doctor can write a referral for palliative care, have you looked into it? ~ Alisa

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