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Lung Cancer Awareness: Knowledge and Experiences

Awareness month means sharing your knowledge and experience. How can we work to spread awareness of lung cancer?

  1. I do feel as such when I read what so many go through. I takes so much courage, but I suppose I would do the same. We get through some how dont we? There are a few trusted sources that I have used and can be useful for you- try ,, and

    1. It does take so much to share the many stories, but without them would be unfortunate. Thank you for sharing with this community. Best!

  2. By keeping the conversation fresh. Sometimes being creative with the messaging helps to keep people engaged.

    1. I do many things along with advocacy groups (interviews, panels, promotion pictures, video awareness clips, etc.), but on my own I use conversation. When/if the subject comes up that I have lung cancer. the question of smoking always comes up after and that is my chance to educate and spread awareness. Every day of the year ..... ~ Alisa, Team

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