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Lung Cancer

Can anyone tell me anything about the drug CYRAMZA? My mom is currently taking radiation treatments for a 5.9 cm lung tumor. Her oncologist says after 24 radiation treatments they may put her on CYRAMZA .She has had cyber knife and radiation done before. No chemo, her body would not be able to handle it. She is an 11 year survivor. Just wondering if anyone is on this drug. Thanks

  1. Hi Sheri, I'm glad you found our forum. I hope others with experience will join in on the discussion. Cyramza is a type of angiogenesis therapy, for your convenience I have attached an explanation from their website:

    "As an anti-angiogenic, CYRAMZA works differently from traditional chemotherapy or targeted therapy. Depending on what type of metastatic NSCLC you have, CYRAMZA may be used in combination with either your chemotherapy or the targeted therapy, erlotinib, to help fight your metastatic NSCLC.*

    CYRAMZA may work as a tumor-starving agent to attack your cancer. Tumors need nutrients to grow, which are mainly supplied through your blood vessels. CYRAMZA is thought to stop new blood vessels from forming, including those that feed your tumor. This may help starve the tumor of the nutrients it needs to keep growing."
    Wishing you all the best, Alisa, Team

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