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Living with one lung

After a visit to my primary care physician who ordered a chest X-ray, PET scan, biopsy, then surgical removal of entire right lung and finally 4 chemo treatments I feel incredibly blessed to be alive and doing good. Surgery was Feb 2016, completed last chemo in June 2016. Have had CT scans every 6 months and now only once a year. The anticipation of CT results is stressful. I thank God that no cancer has returned and my strong left lung is doing it’s job! I pray for those who are struggling during their treatment as mine almost took me down. Be strong my friends.

  1. Hi there, so great to hear you have been cancer free years after your treatment, thank you for posting such encouraging news! I was diagnosed 22 years ago, and I still get scanxiety! All the best, Alisa, LungCancer Team Patient Leader

    1. So happy to hear that you are doing well and have weathered the storm. I know it's stressful to think about what the future holds down the line, but just remember to rejoice in the present. Wishing you continued best!

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