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A question for the community

How did everyone know to get tested for lung cancer? Did you know before hand or was it a complete surprise?

Were there any signs that someone/everyone should know of?

I'm just trying to get knowledge of early signs. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you

  1. Hi , everyone experiences symptoms differently and many are silent. I'm attaching a link to an article that I hope helps. If you have any concerns, I wouldn't wait, I would get a referral for a screening - a low dose CT scan. I'm glad you found our community, please know we are here for you, please keep us posted. Warmly, Alisa, Lung Cancer Team Patient Leader

    1. Thanks Alisa, I did read that article. I do hope other people chime in too. I'm very curious and so are many people, about anyone's early experience that's willing to share

      1. I hope others join in on the discussion. I wrote an article for this site about how I was diagnosed and how it took longer than it should have. If you are interested in reading it, I'm posting the link here. Please reach out anytime: ~ Alisa

    2. Thank you for pointing out your article. Club fingers, family history, knee pain.

      The article makes the reader question, did you not notice did you not notice your club fingers before that doctor did?

      Also that's the first time I seen the word "internist"

      1. My club fingers were very mild, only a dr. would notice. Some people get more pronounced and it's obvious. Primary care doctors can be general practicioners (treats adults and children) or internists (treats adults only). That's the basic differences. Wishing you the best! ~ Alisa

      2. Happy to hear that the articles suggested help as a tool for your own care, or at most having a transparent conversation with your doctor. Wishing you the very best!
        Yolanda(Team Member)

    3. I happened to go to the ER for SOB. They did a CT scan and found a mass in my right lung. I am glad I went in cause if I didn’t the cancer would be undetected and who knows when I would have found out.

      1. I am glad you went, too, the earlier the detection the better! Thank you for sharing with us. Hope you are doing well. Warmly, Alisa, Lung Cancer Team Patient Leader

      2. I'm glad as well that you found out about this mass at this earlier stage. Sometimes we just don't know what we just don't know. Hope you're doing well. Best!

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