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What are the chances of brain metastasis spreading more if the actual lung cancer is regressing?

Hi everyone. Want to find out, what are the chances of brain metastasis spreading more if the actual lung cancer is regressing? My dad’s last PET showed that his cancer is regressing but when he did an MRI on his brain, doctors said that they see a new metastasis. Doctors asked to redo the MRI since looks like my dad was moving his head during the last MRI and they could not see the real picture. I hope that the picture will be better after the second MRI. I thought the chemo and immunotherapy that he is doing is helping on brain metastasis too but after my research looks like not much. Thanks

  1. Did you find an answer to this ? My dad had new cervical metastasis after 3 cycles of Keytruda.. all other symptoms have reduced since.

    1. that is so good your dad's symptoms have reduced- Great! Check out further cervical metastasis information-

  2. My mom's cancer spread to her brain. It seems to be a process that occurs with most people diagnosed with lung cancer, but not all. I strongly suggest you ask your doctor for my details on the process of how to move forward for your dad. I hope all is well on the final PET MRI- please let us know how it turned out. Best!

    1. Thank you. After the second MRI, doctors said that there are new metastasis in the brain and lungs, not too big but still. I guess good news is that the old ones are almost gone.

      The doctor decided to change the treatment and gave Cisplatin and Pemetrexed. Still decided to continue Keytruda. We are planning to do another MRI in March to see if this regiment working. What i dont understand is that how do we know if Keytruda is working? What if Chemo is doings its work? Also, it will be his 7 chemo cycle, I have heard after 6 cycle chemo becoming very toxic, shall we take a break to give body some break? Thanks

    2. It's good that your dad's team is in watch and wait with the new regimen. I gather this is why the team will do another scan in March to see if the new treatment is making improvements. Chemo is a hard process for many, this is something he'll need to iron out the pros and cons. Again, you make some valid points, please feel comfortable to have the attending oncologist, answer your points. Here are a few helpful posts on the process-

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