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Everyday With Lung Cancer

I am Fighting and Praying and Thanking God everyday as I deal with this and when I finally grab a cup of coffee and turn the T.V. on, sit back and relax and put on a good movie---The character in the movie dies of "cancer".
Are there any success stories out there?? and does anyone else see these depressing shows???

  1. Yes, I've seen shows like that. I find it hard to watch sad or dark shows now, I have been sticking to comedies and some drama - hopefully not cancer drama, if I know in advance, I avoid them. Sometimes they sneak up on us though! I hope you can find some fun things to watch and share your review with us! All the best, Alisa, Team

    1. I have seen the depressing shows too. I will normally turn it off and watch a game show or something up beat. There are many success stories of this cancer journey. Wishing you the best, Sandy

      1. , After my cancer diagnosed about 6 years ago, consciasly or unconsciasly, I stopped watching those dramas and "cheap" comedies. I found some excerllent shows on NetFlex, like documentaries, cooking shows, talk-shows and good movies. I don't watch them much but never felt to be bothered.

        Also, I believe there are success stories up to how you defined success. In my definition, there are many success stories.

        1. I'm in this for 4 years now--no growth--do the check-ups ever stop?? Every 6 months I have CD scans due to my weight---can't seem to gain. Just tired not complaining, just tired.

          1. I hear you, ! I get scanned every six months for almost 21 years now. Thankfully I am still stable. Many in our position soon go to a yearly scan, but one of my nodules made a little movement (but stable again) so I am back to six months. It's just part of my routine at this point. Hopefully you get your weight to where you want it. Thinking of you, Alisa, Team

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