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Do you think an x-ray is enough

I am 47 and 2 weeks ago my fingers of my right hand started to hurt. A strange pain.
Then I was a bit breathless.
Went to a lung specialist doc and he checked me, made lungenfunktion test and x-ray.
Everything was fine.
Now I still have this finger pains and slightly breathless (which I have only in the morning and no idea if it is psychological)
Do you think I still need a CT? (I am allergic again the contrast)
I am worried that the xray did miss something and I have lung cancer.
Thx for answers!

  1. I'm sorry that is happening to you, but I'm glad you are questioning next steps. I'm a big believer in advocating for ourselves when necessary, we know our bodies. I would ask for a Low Dose CT scan without contrast to confirm. Please feel free to update us, we are here for each other! Warmly, Alisa, Lung Cancer Team Patient Leader

    1. I totally agree with this is a frustrating and scary situation. If you feel in your mind that something doesn't seem totally right based on how you're feeling, despite the doctor's call out, follow your gut. It's probably time to speak with someone else and get another opinion if you can. Wishing you the very best!

    2. Hi . First, let me echo in noting that it is understandable that you are concerned by these unexplained symptoms. I would note that the pain you described in your fingers and hands does not exactly match up with paraneoplastic syndromes, which are most commonly peripheral neuropathy and various forms of sensory loss and weakness (see: and,normal%20cells%20in%20the%20nervous). It is important to follow up on the lung issues and any other potential causes for the pain you are experiencing. Remember, no one will look after you like you. Please feel free if you like, to keep us posted on how things are going. Hoping you get some answers and relief soon. Best, Richard ( Team)

  2. Hi, a short update.
    I had a thorax CT (without contrast because I am allergic to it) and lung doctor and the radiologist told me my CT looked fine.
    But I still have right chest pain and a bit of breathing problems.
    Do you think this could be caused by something else since my CT was fine?

    1. I can understand your concern. Is there an Critical Care Pulmonologist at the center where your doctors are? If so, perhaps you should consult with him/her to try to find out what is causing the pain and breathing problems. Another suggestion would be to take a copy of the CT scan disk and bring it to a completely different cancer center for a second opinion with another thoracic surgeon. I am sorry you are going through this, please keep us posted. ~ Alisa

    2. Hi . First, let me say that, while your concerns about continuing pain and breathing issues is understandable, it is good news that the CT came back fine. There are definitely other possible causes of these symptoms, such as costochondritis (caused by inflammation of the cartilage in the chest) or high blood pressure in the lung arteries or inflammation of the membrane covering the lungs (pleurisy) and others. I want to stress that I mention these not to frighten you, but rather to illustrate that it could be something other than lung cancer and potentially much easier to treat. Let me echo in saying that a second opinion may help shed some more light. I understand the difficulty getting in to see another doctor, but previous negative results may indicate that you have some time. In addition, a general practitioner may be able to check on other possibilities. Hoping you get some answers. soon. Best, Richard ( Team)

  3. Big problem it is very hard to get appointments by other pulmonologists in next 2-3 months.
    I already had to pay this one by myself to get a faster appointment.
    I mean he looked the CT scan together with the radiologist specialist. So I hope both will not have missed anything important.
    I will also get the written results from the radiologist.

    1. Should I get a lung biopsy?

      Since it is Christmas most docs are on holidays.
      I always thought when CT is fine then there is nothing to worry about.
      Can a very small sclc do such vast symptoms without being visible on the thorax CT?

      1. I am convinced I have sclc turbo cancer since my symptoms get worse fast.
        Nobody believes me because of "clean" native CT 4 weeks ago.
        I have now also noticed 2 clubbing fingers which is a strong sign of sclc.
        Then this week I started nightsweet, nose bleeding and strong neck and headaches and jumping high blood pressure.
        All obvious signs of LC and I think only a fast sclc can make that fast symptoms.
        So I guess I am pretty dead soon. Sclc is so deadly, that even with chemo and immunotherapy it does not give much time.
        My bloodwork showed higher Leukozytes and high calcium (still in range but at the highest range)
        So I guess I am pretty doomed.
        Tomorrow I go er and tell them this stuff. But I also have fear to have to go to a hospice and due there. Everything looks horrible!

      2. I am truly so sorry to hear this. This must be such a scary uneasy time for you. This community is here for you. Have you checked in with your doctor/care team? This would be the best thing to do so they can properly assess your symptoms and give you a prognosis. If you've already done this, and you're not happy with what you've been told, perhaps seeking a second opinion is necessary and that's okay too. Going to the ER is a great place to start! Hopefully that medical team will be able to give you some answers. We are wishing you the very best and are keeping you in our warmest thoughts as you journey through this. Warmly, Kailah ( Team Member)

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