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Did not do treatment but went straight to hospice

I have end stage COPD and 4 weeks ago flunked a biopsy. I have non small cell 2.7cm cancer in my upper left lobe near and close to my spine. The doctors said I wouldn’t be a candidate for chemo and I’m not a candidate for radiation either. So I’m on hospice now.
I’m not sure what to expect….

  1. Hi , my Dad is going through the same. Has COPD and end stage lung cancer. We just got him on hospice last week. He was in a ton of pain. Hospice is a great choice as they will focus on comfort care. Good luck to u.

    1. I’m Chris’ wife. It seems like hospice is the only option for Chris. The level of care is phenomenal. And they make sure Chris is in no pain.

    2. I am sorry about your dad

  2. Chris and Terenye, I am sorry to hear this, I went through this with my mom, before my own diagnosis. Hospice was wonderful comfort to us, thinking of you both.

    Chris, may I ask why your doctor feels you are not a candidate for chemo and have you gotten a second opinion? Please don't hesitate to share. ~ Alisa

    1. he is at end stage COPD. I wouldn’t survive the chemo. And his FEV1 score is 24.
      Radiation was a no go as well. With very little healthy lung left- they didn’t want to put him in any distress.
      They also cannot extend his life through cancer treatment.. so after talking to 3 doctors- all of them said hospice.
      ( I’m his wife, Tina)

    2. I understand, Tina reach out anytime. Kindly, Alisa

  3. So sorry to hear Chris. The hospice conversation was mentioned for my mother, but it didn't pan out that way to do, besides she wouldn't have wanted that option. Please stay positive and I hope your experience is pleasant. Praying for the best please let us know how you're doing.

    1. Hi Chris, I've seen some lung cancer patients fight to the very end, and I respect and inspire, but on the other hand, some, a small number, lung cancer patients refused treatments and directly go to the hospice. I remembered several papers indicating the hospice, with proper palliative care, can prolong patients time with some comfort. I hope you have a pleasant experience in hospice. Christine team

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