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Worried about my Dad

Good Morning!

I found this website this morning and wanted to share my dad’s story. He smoked till his late 30s. He is now 76.

6 years ago he fell off his bike while biking on the boardwalk at the Jersey shore. They did a scan of his ribs and saw cancer in one of his lung sacks (a cancer that was common for those who had previously smoked). They removed the sack and said it didn’t metastasize. They didn’t feel the need for treatment—just follow-up scans.

2 years later (4 years ago). He had pain in his knee. It was the same cancer. They gave him radiation treatments (strong ones) and it shrunk. PET scans were showing nothing else in his body. We were good for 3 years as the bone cancer was stable.

1 year ago his leg started hurting around his knee. They did another scan and said the cancer was becoming active in his knee with another small active lesion on his tibia, and a couple (too small to biopsy) lesions in both lungs and both kidneys (these are very stable but did appear). The one on his knee was eating away the bone. Since it was very active, he had surgery to scrape out the cancer and repair the knee with follow-up radiation to knee and leg. PET scan showed the cancer shrunk a bit in both places. They followed it and he received physical therapy this year.

A couple months ago a PET scan and complete MRI showed that the cancer in his leg is becoming more active yet again. They advised that he now start chemo (carboplatin alimta and keytruda). They just did his PET baseline last week and found two more very small glows on his neck bone and his hip bone. His knee-leg cancer is active. However, the lesions in the soft tissue (lungs and kidneys) are stable- and again still too small to biopsy but definitely suspicious of the cancer. He starts chemo this Wednesday. They suggested this trio chemo once every three weeks for 12 weeks.

I hope you were able to follow me and I made sense. My mom is right by his side (married almost 60 years and still so in love). They are staying positive. This is so hard for me. I can’t believe that it’s my dad fighting this. He’s so sweet and smart (he was a science teacher his whole life). The doctors are saying that if the chemo works that the bones can repair themselves over time. Is this true? Is this scenario alike anyone out there? I am wondering if this trio will shrink bone cancer? Thank you ahead of time for any and all comments and support.

  1. I am so sorry to hear about your Dad. I don't know about bones repairing themselves but if you have any doubts, I am a big believer in second opinions. It's great to have the support of your Mom and you, but I know it can be difficult for caregivers also. You mentioned possible immunotherapy with chemo, may I ask if they did biomarker testing (and retesting upon progression) and if so, did he have any biomarker mutations? This information is important to decide on a treatment plan. Please feel free to share, we are here to support each other. Warmly, Alisa, Team

    1. Hi!! I just asked my dad. Yes. My dad said they did the bio markers when they did his initial surgery to remove the sack. They concluded 15% possible identified which is why the oncologist thought Keytruda would be good for him. Thank you for reaching out. I appreciate this so much.

      1. We are here for you both! <3 Alisa

    2. Dear Strong Daughter HUGS & PRAYERS to your Dad and your family. I read what you posted about your Dad and I'am going threw the same thing. Kidney removed 2019 do to Cancer. Than 2021 lung Cancer that came from the kidney, and alot knee pain. I'am taking keytruda and inlyta. GOD BLESS

      1. @Randy Sr thinking of you and sending you warm and healing wishes! ~ Alisa

    3. Hi . So sorry to hear about your father, but glad to hear that he had biomarker testing and will be beginning treatment. As Alisa said, people here understand how difficult it can be for caregivers. I want to share with you this article from our editorial team on resources for caregivers: In addition, this article highlights some of our top articles for caregivers: Please know that this community is here for your family. Best, Richard ( Team)

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