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Diagnosis complexities?

Do you find the practices used to diagnose lung cancer consistent for each potential patient?

  1. I'm not sure that a consistent diagnose is possible. I found the brain cancer through MRI, went to the emergency and found lung cancer as my primary cancer. The different stages of diseases will have different symptoms and people are also different. Up to today, I never have any symptoms of lung cancer, like short breath, coughing, etc. It's like detective work from the general physicians. Christine team.

    1. That's so very interesting Christine. yes, the scenario can be so different for each and everyone diagnosed. I can imagine the thought may be hope and not let the process be too worst than what it can be. I wish there was a better way to detect lung cancer.

  2. Hi Yolanda, I believe most practices now are pretty consistent with their diagnosic tools for lung cancer; however, I hear of quite a bit of inconsistency with treatment plans among different hospitals. Very good question, thanks for bringing this up.

    1. Thank you Alisa, but yes I don't think every place has a consistent map in their diagnostic methods... and that's a big problem.

    2. With all the advocacy work I've been doing, I've found most hospitals (yes, there are some rare exceptions from what I hear) use the same protocol for diagnosis if they suspect lung cancer (CT Scan, Brain MRI, PET, bone scan, biopsy ...) but when it comes to biomarker testing and/or treatment protocol, that is a different story. It is very inconsistent and an organization I work with is trying very hard to change that. They are not aware of big discrepancies in the diagnostic tests. Please let me know some details either here or private message me so I can bring this to their attention. It is very disturbing that basic diagnostic tests are not being used. Thank you! Best, Alisa

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