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Bedside Manners

As a lung cancer patient do or did you find care lacking due to the disease? What have your experiences been like with care?

  1. I kind of feel that when my life is hanged on the thread, like lung cancer, I definitely go to the most competent doctors, "bedside Manners" doesn't matter. When I had my cataracts done due to the side effects of steroids for my brain tumors, my eye doctor had totally bad bedside manners, but he was the best eye doctor, very competent. Christine team

    1. I have a fantastic medical care team that are caring and knowledgable. They treat me with respect and we discuss my case and make decisions together. I don't need hand-holding, I am a "give me the facts" type of person and I feel very lucky with my doctors. In my 21 year cancer journey, I only had one doctor that was arrogant and did not want to discuss anything with me or answer questions and I left his office and replaced him quickly. There are amazingly competent doctors with good bedside manners and I'm glad I was able to find them!

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