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Beach Therapy

What are your plans this summer for relaxation? Have you thought about finding a beach with cool water and air to reflect? What is your go-to for getting fresh air to help your lungs?

  1. Living in Florida and getting outside in the summer is tricky. We have to pick and choose our times due to sometimes sweltering heat/humidity/heat indexes, or rain/thunderstorms. I have a small patio in my town home and I will take my coffee out there sometimes early morning 6am and just watch the sun come up, listen to the birds, watch the lizards running all over, seeing the bees in my tiny garden. I look at the clouds, I talk to loved ones who are no longer here, and I count my blessings, say my prayers and then when it starts getting too hot or traffic noises etc. start, I go inside. I like starting the day with something good and positive because there is so much negativity out there.

    1. I absolutely love this! I think many including myself treasure the mornings or early days to reflect before the hectic chimes in. I'm glad you can find a little recluse before the weather and noise make its entrance. Thank you for sharing.

      Cheers, and keep at it for the summer!

      Yolanda( Team)

    2. Thank you.

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