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Adult Daughter who has a parent diagnosed with lung cancer that has spread to brain and spine

I'm looking for anyone who has a loved one who gone thru this or if they are still around after a certain amount of time like more than a year after diagnosis. As my parent symptoms is increasing memory loss even after saying something, coughing when eating and balance is going too , having voice loss and not able to write . getting treatment like radiation, and chemo to slow the spread is being done and they did say it's not curable .

  1. Daisy, I'm so very sorry for your mom's developments. My mother had lung cancer and her developments happened rather quickly. Just after her 63 birthday in May she was officially diagnosed and passed away in October. Her cancer had metastasized to her brain. I say this not to sadden or bring further doubt, as there have been some better developments in medicine for this disease in the last 10 years. My mom passed away 10+ ago. Work with your mom's health care team and see what her options are. Wishing you both the very best!

    Here are some fitting articles that were written by lung cancer survivors that you may find hopeful.

    1. I was Diagnosed with Lung AND Brain Cancer in Feb. 2019. My oldest daughter moved me to Cheyenne, Wyoming to seek treatment. I have done Radiation and Chemo therapy and am in Remission now for 8 months. God Bless you and your Mom treatment..never give up Faith

      1. from what I tell is that mom has 5 brain cancer tumors and I think all her cancer was labeled with mostly the TP with numbers after it for both brain, lung and her spine cancer . She starts Chemo on Wed at 730 am.

      2. I also had chemotherapy, and it was effective for me, wishing the same for your Mom. Please keep us posted! Best, Alisa

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