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Adhesions after robotic lobectomy?

After a month of stabbing pain from the inside after my surgery in late March, it was brought to my attention today that the pain I am describing sounds like a friend's pain after she developed adhesions post-surgery (of another kind). I did some further research, and it sounds quite plausible. I am going to call my surgeon in the morning, but wonder if any of you have experienced postoperative pain similar to this? Thanks to all of you!

  1. I am 6 yrs after my robotic lung surgery. I still have some slight numbness in the area but less than before which surgeon says its normal. However, occasionally, I do feel a tugging sensation in the area which seem to come from post-surgery adhesions. Been told adhesions dont show up on xrays or CTS. I already have adhesions from a histerectomy which were revealed during a colonoscopy.

    1. Hi, Rosi. My surgeon confirmed that the pain was likely caused by adhesions, but said they dissolve within a year. He prescribed Gabapentin to lessen the stabbing pain I'm having, and it does seem to be helping a bit. Yes, sadly, just a bit! Take care, Karen

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