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Duties of a Caregiver

As we're in the flow of the year 2020 let’s grasp how we all move forward in the new decade in lung cancer awareness. The excitement and hype of this new start mean exactly that when we talk about the battles of cancer -- especially that of lung cancer.

Does this year matter and if so how? Well, it’s been stated that lung cancer diagnosis has and will actually go up in this new year of 2020. Though there will a considerable drop in some cancers, others will show a tilt-up.1

Absorbing and processing shocking news

Absorbing the news that there may be newer and additional cases of lung cancer can be hard to hear, as with the rising concern for smoking E-cigarettes. It’s not easy processing all of this information. Once you sign up to be the second voice of your loved one facing this diagnosis there are some things to consider.

What does the data say about the future of lung cancer?

While taking that loved one to and from the hospital, gather your thoughts and think about all that's being done in the lung cancer community. There are new medications in lung cancer, such as atezolizuma and entrectinib. Take this information and become a voice of reason to suggest these new possibilities with your loved one's care team.

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At times the patient may be flustered and forget to mention key points during a treatment or follow-up visit. Therefore use your voice to act as back up for what is the latest lung cancer news, and whether it benefits your loved one or not. It’s important that we not only stay diligent with questions but also inquire about any and all new developments.

Providing strength to those we love

It’s not an easy task to be the shoulder of support for someone going through lung cancer. It takes undeniable commitment and strength. As does the lung cancer patient holds on strength; the caretaker is indeed a needed back-up.

If not attending all visits with your loved one, you must check-in and make sure they are okay. Yes, the job of a caregiver is not easy as there will be many decisions along the way. Your opinion may be required for many of them. At times those decisions are not easy for the patient, but even more so, when the ball is thrown your way be ready to meet these decisions heads on with suggestions even if it is a decision that is hard to cope.

Be diligent

The need for diligence comes in many forms, and one that definitely holds a space is managing paperwork. Yes, surfing through the forms a patient may need to review and sign is very important. As I mentioned before my mother was held up in the hospital she signed off having me be her proxy. Becoming a health proxy is not an easy task but you do the best with the best intentions for your loved one. It can be a relief to our loved one if we're able to help with the responsibility of reading the p’s and q’s of these documents and calling out if something doesn’t make sense.

Though the duties seem a lot, it’s worth it being there for our loved ones as another voice of reason. May we continue keeping our loved ones uplifted in these trying times with hope and love.

The time to fight is now, with integrity, grace, hope, and a smile...when you feel like it

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