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Jennifer M. Toth

Jennifer M. Toth
Jennifer Toth, a mom of 7 grown children, was working full time and part time as a freelance writer when Lung Cancer came knocking at the door in January 2014. Since that day she has had surgery to remove both left lung lobes, chemotherapy, radiation, and immunotherapy. She is currently receiving Opdivo every two weeks to treat metastasis to her lymph nodes and right upper lung lobe. Read more.

two people talking with their speech bubbles forming lungs


Lung cancer. Grief. Anger. Tears. Survivorship. Physicians. Scans. Treatments. Surgery. Radiation. Nausea. Fatigue. Planning. Guilt. Friendships. Support. Advocacy. Biomarker testing. Biopsy. Blood tests. Chemotherapy. Targeted therapy. Immunotherapy. Progression. Stable. Staging.