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  • By phosea0608

    Has anyone used essential oils? I have heard frankencense can fight cancer. Has anyone put the oils in the humidifier of an oxygen concentrator

  • By Margot Keymaster

    Thank you for your question! In addition to any responses you may get from the community, you may find this article on complementary and alternative therapies helpful: . Thanks for being a part of the community!

    Margot, Team

  • By Alisa Moderator

    Hi, I take frankenscense (Boswelia) in extract form, not the essential oil. I use the essential oil with a diffuser and sometimes on my gums for oral health. There is a lot of research regarding frankensense and cancer. It is a highly anti inflammatory supplement, which is good.

    Personally, I’d be careful with the oil. Not all essential oils should be ingested. Here’s a good article on the subject: