Stage 3 NSCLC

The beginning - January 6, 2020 chest x-ray: The worse day of my life. For the first time, I saw the "octopus" in my chest. Following came the start of many tests, biopsies, scans (PET, CT, Brain MRI) and doctor appointments.

My lung cancer journey

On February 14th, my lower right lobe was removed. After this, I followed up with 4 rounds of adjuvant chemo and 6 weeks of radiation. By the Grace of God, 3 years later, I am NED ๐Ÿ‘. Nevertheless, I always have scan anxiety now every 6 months.

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Thanks to my husband, my caregiver

Chemo brain is real! I am so thankful that my husband/caregiver was with me through it all. He was unable to come in when chemo started (in March) because of the height of COVID, but he drove me everyday to radiation and waited outside in the parking lot for me to come out. Ever since, we now travel A LOT and we no longer worry about "what if" and no longer allow drama from family/friends enter our lives. I truly was in such a dark place mentally, actually, about 3 times. But he was there to help pull me out off that mental ledge.

Enjoying the moments of life

When the good Lord is ready for me, that will be it! Not one day sooner/not one day later. My goal is to reach 62! In the meantime, we enjoy everyday to the fullest.

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