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My Scan Routine

Often in my lung cancer groups on Facebook, members post about their scan routines and MRI day. They ask for prayers or to send good vibes. They also share their results, good or bad, and sometimes they share about their scanxiety.

In the beginning, I did have a lot of scanxiety, but as time went by, I learned to control it and focused on staying strong and positive. I understand that isn’t easy for some, but we need to find a balance in controlling our emotions. Easier said than done, right?

The steps of my scan routine: first, work out

When I have an upcoming appointment for a CT scan or MRI, the day before my appointment, I will do a WOD (workout of the day). I make sure that my WOD is a tough one and I take out all my anxiety and stress on that workout. It helps me feel refreshed, and I can take on the world.

Something to lighten the mood

Another part of my scan routine is I'll watch a comedy show or movie. It puts me in a happy mood, and it sets it for the whole day! I will also write in my journal and put my feelings in my journal, it helps because I’m writing and letting out all my fears and frustrations.

An important part of my scan routine: centering myself

Some time during the day I will sit quietly in my room or living room and mediate. While meditating I have some meditation music playing, like healing frequencies. In my mind, I'll repeat “I will receive good scans.” While I’m meditating I also state affirmations that I want in my life like:

  • I’m healed
  • I’m healthy
  • I’m strong
  • I’m victorious
  • No more cancer
  • I’m going to live a long life
  • ...and other affirmations that have nothing to do with cancer.

    Waking up on the right side of the bed

    The day of my scan or MRI appointment I don’t wake up as nervous or worried. I’m more confident and positive. On the day of my appointment, I do continue my affirmations and even when I’ driving to my appointment. So even though I might not receive good news or the news I wanted to hear, I found myself being able to deal with the news in a more positive way. Yes, it might sound crazy for some, but this part of my scan routine works for me.

    Balance is the key

    We all need to find a way to balance our scanxiety. What I do might work for some, but I tell people to find what works for them and once it's found, stick to it. It just might help you to deal with the fear and worry of scan day.

    Celebrating existence

    Good or bad news - try to celebrate it. I know that sounds crazy, especially if it’s bad news. But, celebrate! You are still here and you are still breathing. Celebrate your scan results, and if it’s bad news, try to turn it into a positive thing. I’m a firm believer that a positive mindset helps with living longer. Remember, good or bad news, celebrate that you are here now.

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