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Thought It Was My Spine

My husband, son and I were driving home from visiting my mother for Mother’s Day and the traffic was awful! Traffic came to a sudden stop with the exception of the car behind us. They rear ended us, pushed us into the car in front of us, giving me double whiplash. I have a congenital fusion in my C1-C3 and surgical fusion in C5-C6. Hernias in C7. So they took me for X-rays. This accident saved my life because plain as day, there it was, a spot on my left lung. I had been tired and not myself for a while, but thought it was spine related. The Drs said let’s watch it and see what it does. It grew and I grew more tired and my immune system was seemingly non-existent. Finally they said it was growing too fast and needed to come out. I went into surgery where they removed my lower left lobe and 17 lymph nodes. All margins were clear and after being checked every 6 months for 2 years, I was just informed I am cancer free! I realize just how blessed I am with the car accident, having gotten it all out in surgery and not having to do chemo or radiation. I know I should be feeling back to normal, but I don’t. I continue to have a very low immune system, no energy, shortness of breath, just about every symptom I had prior to surgery. I feel guilty about this because so many have it so much worse! My husband is frustrated that I am not “well” and continue catching every virus that goes by. Am I wrong in feeling this way? Can I just will my immune system into being strong? I feel like I am taking up time that should be taken for people less fortunate than me. Get it?!

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