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Small Cell Carcinoma in Neck

My husband was diagnosed with stage 4 extensive-stage small cell cancer 3 years ago. He was not a smoker and it has not been in his lungs.

Small cell carcinoma in his neck

A massage therapist noticed lumps in his neck and long story short- he had lymph nodes test positive for small cell carcinoma in his neck. He had a neck dissection surgery to remove nodes and soon found out it metastasized to his brain.

Treatment experiences

He had 30 rounds of radiation to his brain along with chemo for a few days per week for several months. He lost his hair after radiation and chemo. The chemo caused him to feel sick for a few days after each round.

He was found to have more small cell carcinoma in his neck 11 months from initial diagnosis and started radiation again on neck. He was followed by 2 years of immunotherapy every 4 weeks.

Cancer-free right now

He rang the bell for ending infusions yesterday. He is showing he is cancer-free but still diagnosed with extensive small cell cancer. His next PET scan and brain MRI will be in 3 months. He had a port put in his chest in 8/17 and continues to have the same port in case of future treatments.

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