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Is it time to talk about having a port put in?

I am 6 weeks into my treatment - immunotherapy infusions every 2 weeks. Already, nurses having trouble getting a line in. Does anyone else have this issue? Is it time to talk about having a port put in?

  1. Hi , here's a link to a few of our community articles regarding having a port put in. I hope this helps! All the best, Alisa

    1. I see that you posted this in our community stories. Did you have a chance to read Donna's story?

  2. My port was placed by the thoracic surgeon when he did my lobe removal. He said I would thank him and 2 years later I certainly do!!

    1. I too was given a port by my thoracic surgeon at the recommendation of my oncologist after having my upper left lobe removed. I kept it for 3 years & loved it! My oncologist said the chemo would have destroyed my veins without using the port. I am a 24 year lung cancer survivor Stage III squamous non-small cell cancer with 11 positive lymph nodes in the center of my chest.

    2. Hi , great to hear how well the port worked for you! I was not offered one, but thankfully my veins lasted through my treatments. It is inspiring to meet a 24 year lung cancer survivor, I'm a 20 year, Stage 3, lung cancer survivor! Cheers to our continued health, Alisa, Team

  3. Hi , great to hear how well the port is working for you, thank you for sharing with us! All the best, Alisa, Team

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