Small Cell Lung Cancer

I first developed a poisonous taste in my saliva and my knees to my toes were numb. That’s what took me to my ENT specialist. He sent me to a holistic drug store and had them make me up a mouth rinse. He also sent me for a CAT scan. He called me with the results of the CAT scan and told me he never had to tell a patient they have Lung Cancer.

Unexpected diagnosis

At the time he didn’t know it was Small Cell Lung Cancer until I had my surgery. It’s interesting that I chose the Director of Thoracic Surgery at St. John’s Providence Hospital in Santa Monica, CA. Usually the procedure is you get a biopsy then you’re sent for a couple of rounds of chemo and then comes the surgery. My doctor did all of my surgery without sending me home.

When he saw what I had, he said, “what the hell is this!” I had my right lower lobe removed, a nodule in the upper right lung and 4 lymph nodes taken. When the report came back that it was SCLC he was aghast! After performing thousands of lung surgeries, he never saw anything like it!

First treatment and second opinion

After recuperating beautifully from the surgery, then the treatments started. Unfortunately, I was given Neulasta on the fourth day. That shot sent me to the moon and not 100% back. That drug paralyzed me from head to toe. I couldn’t walk! I had to stop the Chemo, went to an Acupuncturist to get myself walking again, but with a walker.

My oncologist had to send me to the City of Hope for a second opinion. I was able to complete the Chemo and taken off the Neulasta shot. That shot has caused me such frustration due to what it did to me and the side effects it left me.

Excited to reach 5 years

My balance is still bad and I walk with a cane. I’m still under the care of a physiatrist, because I have high anxiety! I see a neurologist for my balance, memory, and neuropathy. I am at the point that I’m never going to be the same as before cancer, but I’m excited to make it to five years in December, cancer free!

Thank you for hearing my story and I hope someday Cancer will be something of the past!

Best Regards,
Edythe Mostin

How was your lung cancer diagnosed?

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