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Second opinion

Live in small a town in TN. Love my primary. She heard loud heart murmurs and sent me to a cardiologist. After a ECHO and TEE (internal Echo) it showed a mass in the upper Right of the heart and next was a MRI of the heart. This was only done-in Nashville at Vanderbilt university hospital, a 2 hour drive. It confirmed a myxoma, a benign tumor in the upper right upper chamber. It also noted a 16mm by 24 mm cancer in the left lung. Vanderbilt cardiologist sent me to one of their thoracic surgeons and oncologists as well to talk about a clinical trial. I requested all MDs share test results and plans of care. All for a clinical trial to test a new immunotherapy with 2 CA chemo drugs. There protocals and a machine chose who got combination as a blind. This expectation was surgery to remove upper lobe and possibly whole Lung. This is big surgery. It is painful. Broken ribs, chest tubes between the ribs and your arm placed above your head for 8-11 hours. I had rotator cuff surgery and get it over for my head to do a French braid. I’m after anesthesia and muscle relaxants they will get up. Problem is I cannot take pain meds. One makes me crawl on the floor for 3 days ( just one pill) another 1/8 of a pill causes progetible vomiting. No pain for me. I am 70 as well. I see stories here of surgeries then then showed up your only left and brain. That’s CA does. It travels but there is not yet enough show up on the PET and or CT scan till years later. The tumor is 16×24 and one lymph gland. Stage 2 non-small cell adenoma. I decided for chemistry and keytruda. Most of this is on lining with a bit going into the lung. Hoping to keep any all lung function. O2sats run 97-99. I heard good things about my oncologist and have good working relationship. All MDs and I felt was in best interest. I disagreed with all their recommendations. I took one or two friends to appts. And I talked with friends and family. 9-10 convened and brained stormed. 7-8 of us agreed. At all the times it was my decision alone. I chose was right for me. Wishing all well here. And only decide what is best for you. Talk, ask many questions of as many MDs as you can. Take enough time to think.

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  • Margot moderator
    2 years ago

    Thank you so much for sharing with us here @thebee – we really appreciate you taking the time to. So glad that your primary sent you right away to an oncologist, and that you have a good relationship with your oncologist. It’s great to hear that you are advocating for yourself in your decision-making process. It is important to do what you feel right about and what you are comfortable with. And a great reminder to ask doctors any questions! Thinking of you. Please do keep us updated.

    Wishing you the best.

    Warmly, Margot, Team Member

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