Lung Cancer and Pain

Lung Cancer and Pain

Last updated: January 2023

There are many types of pain associated with lung cancer, from pain as a sign or symptom of lung cancer, to pain as a treatment side effect, to the emotional pain that a lung cancer diagnosis and life with lung cancer may cause. Any new pain can be scary to those with lung cancer.

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Headlines Learn more about the relationship between lung cancer and pain from our advocates and community:A Tweak Here, A Twinge There By Karen Loss—July 27, 2017 How many of us have gone through life without little physical aches and pains along the way? Maybe we’ve awoken with a headache, or perhaps our knee grew painful over the course of a few days. We can probably all relate to simply feeling sick and getting a pesky little cough that doesn’t want to go away. These seem like run-of-the-mill ailments, things that happen to everyone and that eventually resolve themselves. But, to a cancer patient, nothing is ordinary anymore...READ MORESymptoms – Pain By Editorial Team Pain is generally considered the most common symptom of lung cancer. Pain is often caused by multiple factors and its management needs to be multi-disciplinary to address all these aspects. In cancer, pain can be characterized into two areas: acute pain and chronic pain...READ MORE

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