Rude Awakening

Several years ago I found myself having some difficulty performing my job which was an outdoor job mainly working on aircraft. Climbing onto the aircraft and even the stands designed to assist us was becoming problematic. Yes, I was a smoker at that time.

I went to a pulmonologist who didn’t do many tests and diagnosed me with pulmonary fibrosis. For over three years I continued with my appointments with this physician and my condition was not getting any better. I finally had to give up the job I loved and was fortunate to have a boss who fit me into an office job with the company. I thank him to this day for that.

Maybe a year later my health took a turn for the worse. One morning I couldn’t even walk to my office from the parking lot. They got a golf cart and assisted me. I was sent to the Emergency Room. After 3 days I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer. NSCLC.
How did this get missed for so long?

Anyhow I have obviously changed pulmonology doctors. I have since done chemotherapy as well as Opdivo. Now I hear Keytruda is helping but Doc won’t let me try it since I had The Opdivo.

Anyhow, I was first diagnosed with the cancer in December of 2014 and told I probably had 10 months to 2 years to live. It’s now almost 3 1/2 years and I’m still going.
I also have COPD with emphysema. Still walking although it’s getting harder every day.

Never give up people.
If you give up you become a quitter.
A quitter is a loser.
Don’t be a loser.

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