3rd Time

Hi Everybody

I was diagnosed with NSCLC almost 4 years ago. I had small nodules in both lungs and after biopsy in one lung was give 5 doses of pinpointed radiation to both lungs over a 10 day period. Three months later, had my first CT and tumors were almost nonexistent and still shrinking. So happy and grateful.

Cancer again

I had CT scans every 3 months and things were going good until suspicious nodules in both lungs again so PET scan and lung biopsy which confirmed cancer again. This time I was started on immunotherapy, Yervoy and Opdivo.

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After 3 months had first PET scan and tumors were completely gone! So much happiness! I had had some side effects, my thyroid got messed up and have to take medicine and had extreme fatigue but it was worth it.

Losing vision

My doctor explained to me that she still wanted me to continue immunology drugs for up to two years so for next 6 months still did infusions. All of a sudden, I started to lose my vision in one of my eyes so infusions were stopped and after several different eye diagnoses was told I had thyroid eye disease and lost my vision in my eye completely. I go to an eye specialist and eye surgeon and have had two eye surgeries in hopes that eventually I will be able to see. So, instead of going to Cancer Center I was spending my time at Eye Clinic.

A new suspicious nodule

I was holding it together pretty well until last month after a scheduled routine PET scan a suspicious nodule was found again so after biopsy cancer was confirmed in right lung. My oncologist is trying to determine treatment. I am so bummed because even though I know it could be worse (a lot worse) I am just tired of going through this again.


I have a great family but I think they are tired too. Four years of what seems constant doctors, tests, treatments, surgeries makes it hard to live any kind of even halfway life.

I'm not usually a complainer so thank you for listening. I hope I can share cancer experiences and get and give support.


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