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How Do You Manage The Side Effects?

Cancer invades our bodies. In some cases, it overtakes our bodies.

Yesterday I learned that I will remain on Taxotere indefinitely. It is my new maintenance drug. The dose has been reduced slightly, but I will not have hair for the duration.

Kind of difficult to wrap my head around that!

Embracing my hair loss and other side effects

I’ve tried the wig route, but absolutely cannot stand how it feels on my head, so I’ve been rocking the bald head since March, and now know I have to figure out a way to embrace it for the duration.

Yesterday’s round was #7. This morning, already, I notice the difference in taste. My usual morning breakfast of frosted mini wheat kind of felt like chewing rocks covered in dirt!

The drug is working for me

The Taxotere is working. A large lymph node on my clavicle? Gone. The masses in my Adrenal Glands? Resolved. The cloudiness in my lungs?  Gone. The fluid in my lungs? Gone.

I have a mass in my lower lobe of the right lung. It is stable. So, I want to remain on the drug.

Adjusting my original dose

Only time will tell now that I am on a reduced dose. The original dose became too much for me. I remained miserable until a couple of days before time to return. Not a good way to live, hence the reduction of the dose. I sure hope it is more tolerable. But like I said, I want to remain on it because of the improvements.

My fingernails are a mess. An easy fix for that is fingernail polish. I just cover them up as to not have to look at them. Same with my toenails.

The other side effects are extreme fatigue. Frustrating. Any advice there?

How do you manage the side effects?

I write this in hopes my fellow lung cancer survivors can offer creative ways to manage the side effects.  What do you do to manage them?

Hope is the only thing stronger than fear... There are days the fear grabs hold, and it is difficult to find hope. Your suggestions can not only offer comfort but can also provide hope!

Offer your advice to Ronda about managing the side effects of lung cancer treatment. How do your side effects compare to what she's experiencing? What has helped you on the bad days? Share your thoughts and guidance in the comments.

Editor’s Note: We are extremely saddened to say that on May 7, 2021, Ronda Beaty passed away. Ronda’s advocacy efforts and writings continue to reach many. She will be deeply missed.

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