My SCLC Diagnosis

I am 69 now and was diagnosed with Small cell Lung cancer in December 2021, extensive stage.

My treatments

I started chemotherapy and immunotherapy at the end of January, 2022. They were successful, and now I am on immunotherapy one in three weeks. I get PET scans and MRIs every three month. I have had thoracic radiation (brutal experience) and decided to stay away from whole brain radiation.

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SCLC and clinical trails

Knowing sclc statistics (in 93-97% of cases it comes back within a year), I am desperately looking for clinical trials in order to prolong my cancer-free period, and cannot find anything. Unfortunately, there are very few trials for that, and I have to wait for cancer to return to start any trial (and there are not that many of them). I would like to connect with people who have the same diagnosis and hear their stories.

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