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Living as a Family With Lung Cancer Everyday

I have had NSCLC for almost 6 years now. I truthfully never thought after my original dx I would be alive this long. But after my PCP saw my chest xray showing a "mass" he told me even if this is cancer it is not a death sentence.

Being strong despite my diagnosis

After my CT scan, PET scan and lung biopsy when there was no question it was lung cancer, I have always felt that I have to be strong for my family, my grown children and young grandchildren. In return they have shown me their strength in the times when I needed them most. One time, my youngest, grown son waited outside my cancer hospital for 9 hours while I had a cancer treatment procedure and because of Covid rules he wasn't allowed in the hospital. His reaction was a big smile on his face when his mom was wheeled out the hospital doors late that night.

Having cancer is not all bad all the time

I guess what I am trying to get at is having cancer is not all bad all the time. We do the scans and tests and treatments. We get fatigued, and cope with side effects. I wake up everyday and it is in my mind, "I have cancer" but then my next thought is, "I'm alive". I have got to celebrate birthdays, seen graduations and decorated and gave holiday gatherings for my family. That is a gift I was given.

I don't have the answers on how to cope or live with lung cancer everyday. I guess my only thought is try to be grateful because whether we have cancer or not, time with our family is not guaranteed.

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