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Learning as a Survivor

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I had no symptoms for one cancer or the lung cancer. Had a procedure done that set things off 3 days later I let my care provider know and was set up to have a biopsy done and a CAT also. The CAT found on my right lung a small mass.Two days before Christmas was told I had cancer on the one I had biopsy on. Kind of ruined Christmas that year. Had surgery and a month later went in for biopsy on lung. This was done before chemo. So I had chemo for both and to reduce the mass in the lung. The mass was reduced but not enough had to have surgery. Know one tells you each person is different on what happens after lung surgery. For me sense of smell heightened. For me off the chart smell to chemicals and the taste of chemicals in processed foods and fresh produce. I’m a 2 year survivor and I saw my oncologist after having CAT scan I was told that my lung is still weak and still hasn’t healed after the surgery. And because of that I was in the early stages of pneumonia was put on antibiotics and cough medicine. Through with the meds and I can tell that it’s still in the lung have to set up appointment again. Im finding out a change in weather or bad air quality will cause problems with the lung that had cancer. I’m learning on my own on this. Most people think you’re ok when your a survivor but they have no idea that the after effects still there and I deal with on my own and not let people know. Just don’t want to deal with what people going to say.

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  • vikkr
    3 months ago

    I find that interesting, the part about being sensitive to smells and weather, just last year I had been saying to people at work lease warn me if you are using a Clorox wipe, or someone uses nail polish remover, stinky food etc., and weather, so I thought I had allergies, well until today, some type of lung cancer(to be determined stage etc,) you sound positive and that helps thank you.

  • Yolanda Brunson-Sarrabo moderator
    3 months ago

    This is true for many as it relates to certain smells that aggravate the senses. I’m happy you found Navy22 article of interest. Best!

  • Pamela moderator
    2 years ago

    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us, @navy22. You are so right that each person can respond so differently to treatments and have very different side effects. Many people think that the burden of cancer goes away after treatment ends but life post-cancer can still be so stressful and draining as you worry about recurrence and grapple with long-term side effects. We are here for you! Feel free to update us after you visit your doctor about your pneumonia if you’d like. Thank you for being a part of our community. All the best, Pam ( Team Member)

  • thebee
    2 years ago

    The judging is tough! Since speaking up three others have shared they are going CA as well. It helped me and I hoped them as well. I tell no one their story as they did say yes or no.

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