My trip to urgent care found a tumor on my lung

I never smoked. But the plan was to watch the tumor for up to 5 years and I'd get 3 check ups a year. However, after a year the tumor changed colors and became more dense so I had a biopsy done.

Was my tumor cancerous?

I was told if it wasn't cancerous, my oncologist would preform a wedge resection. Unfortunately for me, the tumor was cancerous and instead of a resection, he would do a lobectomy. I had Vats surgery and found out when I woke up that it was cancerous stage 1. They didn't find any cancer in the lobe or the lymph nodes. I spent 2 nights in the hospital, and had a drainage tube for 2 weeks.

Physical activity has helped me through my journey with lung cancer

I started walking to help my breathing and build up my stamina on the 1 year anniversary of my surgery I did my first 5k at 66 years old! This run was for the American Cancer Society and it was over the GW Bridge with my fellow cancer survivors. Though my running days are over, I still participate by walking through the race! I finished around 58 minutes - not too bad. Being apart of this race was my way of putting my cancer behind me. I wanted to do it again this year, but the air quality and Canadian smoke stopped me. Nevertheless, I'll be there next year! Walking has really helped me a lot. In addition to walking I also take 2 aquatic classes back to back 3 x week as well.

Is there any physical activity hobby you enjoy that helps you in your lung cancer journey?

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