I Didn't Ask to Get Lung Cancer!

I am currently 51 yrs old happily married to my soul mate. We have 7 children between us and soon to be 7 grandchildren. Our lives were great...we had beautiful plans. In 2008 we buried my 80 year old dad. He was diagnosed with stage IV. Non small cellAdenocarcinoma. They gave him 6-12mths and he was gone in 6.

In April of 2013 as my husband and I sat and visited, I, as I always nervously do...I was rubbing areas of my skin. I stopped between my breasts on my sternum and felt a pea sized nodule. It felt strange but it wasn't uncomfortable. I mentioned it to my husband and I made an appointment with my PCP asap. My visit to see the Dr. was uneventful. He thought it was a cyst and rubbed it. He sent me home. 2 days later it was the size of a quarter. Off to the surgeon we went...biopsy done..didn't believe it was anything. 2 days later we got a call from him saying that I have stage IV lung cancer. My husband and I held each other wailing. My grown daughter ran from it and I looked at my husband and said,"I'm going to die."

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That day our lives changed forever and will never be the same. Cancer is ugly...vile...disgusting and evil. Lung cancer has taken many people I loved...I have watched young children die, Abby, a beautiful teenager with her whole life ahead of her left us way to soon. It doesn't discriminate - young, old, men, women, rich, poor...it doesn't care.

If you feel the need to ask someone about an initial diagnosis...ask them if you can pray for them..Tell them you are here for them. DON'T ASK THEM IF THEY SMOKED.. that doesn't matter. It isn't relevant. STOP THE STIGMA PLEASE. I want to live! I deserve to live! I plan to live! In April of 2018 I will celebrate living 5 years. That is a milestone. Please be kind. Stop the stigma. Love to all of you.

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