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Anyone Who Wants to Date Me Must Be Crazy

My cancer journey began in 2002... that is 16 years ago and 5 cancers later. I've given up on finding someone who will stay with me through the long haul. Instead, I have found "friends" who will share emails and coffee dates but nothing serious. I do dream of the white knight coming to rescue me, hold me, and share the joys of life. But the reality is that isn't going to happen so I have learned to settle for what they can give. And yet, although I realize the odds are against me, I cannot help but secretly hold out hope that there really is someone out there crazy enough to want to be with me through the long haul. More than sharing the cancer journey, I dream of someone who can live with the focus on the great joys that are in my life instead of the cancer. I am not being unrealistic; although cancer is part of my life, I am not the cancer, I am a real human being who has the same needs to connect with another human on a higher level. They just need to be crazy enough to accept my limitations and fight with me!

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