Relationships, Dating, and Stage 4 Lung Cancer

I cannot begin to describe how aggravating this part of surviving is. After all, who wants to have a serious relationship with someone with cancer? Who wants to listen to the occasional emotional breakdowns or go to the hospital with you for every little thing?

Dating with cancer can be tricky

Not me, but I am that patient and it's so frustrating. Yes, I can get a date. But, that person isn't in it for the long haul. They just want to have "fun". And sometimes "fun" and cancer don't see eye to eye.

So the challenge is to find someone who knows your diagnosis, risks, etc. and still wants to lay around and watch TV, or go shopping, or doesn't mind spending the night in the hospital, or running errands when you can't.

Well, living in a resort community where people just come for vacations or to retire, it's awful. I've literally given up. I got tired of dating and wanted just someone to share my life with me. But, that's the kicker. It's virtually impossible.

Looking for someone to share my life with

And the thing is, we are all dying. You could go out and be hit by a car and die tomorrow and I outlive you! But people don't think in these terms. You're invincible....until you're not. People just know I'm gonna die one day, do they think they are immune or immortal? I don't know. I do know I wish this perception would change. Yeah, you may have to spend the night in the hospital with me once a year while I wash your clothes every day. No relationship comes without some kind of inconvenience. So, I may have given up, but maybe our culture could look outside of the box a little for future cancer patients and give them a chance.

Like I said, we're all dying. When will your time be up?

Has lung cancer had an impact on your relationships? What has your experience with dating been like since your lung cancer diagnosis? Share with the community in the comments or by sharing your story here.

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