Why Not Me? Being Diagnosed With Lung Cancer

I got sick when Covid started. We knew it wasn't Covid. I saw many specialist to see what was going on. I had a nagging cough, I was tired, I sounded horrible. You know that smoker voice? I had that. I had x-rays done, labs done, I was just following doctors orders and did everything they asked. No one could figure out what was wrong with me...

What my CT scans revealed

My primary care physician decided to order a CT and that's when they saw something, we just didn't know what that something was. I had a biopsy done and kept checking to see what the results were adenocarcinoma of my right lung. I knew my results before my doctor did. I was able to access my results before my provider. My husband came looking for me and he saw the look on my face. I had to tell him. God that was the scariest thing I've had to tell anyone. I went to see my doctor and had him say the words. Then I knew it easy true. I had to tell my kids and other family members and my close circle of friends.

My right upper lobectomy

I had a right upper lobectomy on 11/9/2021 and am still being treated. I am positive EFGR 20 mutation and lung cancer is very strong in my family. I've had 2 uncles pass from it and another still living with him having his total right lung removed. We caught it early but still getting checked every 3 months. They of course are keeping an eye on nodes and making sure we keep on top of things. I am going to fight until my last breath. I have too much to live for. I have granddaughters I need to see grow up.

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