A Renewed Life

My story begins hearing that smoking can cause cancer and coming from a family who smoke and social settings where smoking is the norm. In my late 40s I learned that it is indeed true, smoking can kill. It took my mother from me. My mum had lung cancer and smoking was prevalent on my father's side of the family where my father passed away from heart attack.

I wish my family would understand

What is equally shocking to loosing family from a disease that perhaps could be preventable is when those in your family continue to do what they are doing smoking what they can and ignore and find alternative theories to the risks of smoking cigarettes, vaping, cannabis, but are in fact deceiving themselves.

Surrounded by a family who smokes

I am the eldest of five of which two siblings still smoke. Today, I face terminal lung cancer with a few years to live. I am talked at constantly by those in my family that don't believe that cancer kills or the other substances are risky too. In my desperation of not having sensible family to talk with expect those who don't smoke and my son who has taken the step to quit and doing it well.

My son has been a light for me

My son invested in my wellness though new technology called Resonant Light Technology an Australian invention. Or known as the "Ryfe Max machine is used by a number of Naturopaths in Australia and the U.S. It is the professional solution for natural well being, yet the simple solution for" (me at home).

I have been using this technology for two years now and my health and well being since treatment has indeed improved. 3 Monthly CT scans show no new cancer at this stage.

Getting the flue with lung cancer

There was this one time I was admitted to hospital very sick from flu infection which can be devastating for lung cancer. The ambulance brought me and the officers were awesome and comforted me as I was very shaken with first time ambulance for me (it reminded me the time I accompanied my mum in a ambulance from a hospital to a hospice where she passed away peacefully).

The ambulance and the hospital I was at the staff comforted me for they knew I was scared as well. It is a busy and loud place emergency areas. People walking around, nurses coming in an out and doctors sending me for imaging. Other patients accompanied by guards walking past my room.

In my time of trauma I called out to God through His son Jesus Christ and his holy spirit told me not to be afraid Lord Jesus is with you and the guardian angel is big and standing at your door allowing on those who will not harm you through the door. I felt an immediate peace and was shown The Lord walking around emergency halls calming patients who were yelling out and reassuring me "all is well, don't be afraid". This was my first encounter feeling so close to the faith that strengthens me.

Deciding to share my story

I have decided to begin a blog to share my news in survivorship mode at this time. The other reason I feel brave and encouraged to share other good news matters not burden but something of value and belief.

A renewed life through my faith

I have been a Christian woman for 15 years after a life of extraordinary twists and turns. These twists and turn matters did not help my poor health and anxiety. I had many amazing God wonders come upon me and want to share if you are interested to know what happened after I was diagnosed.

It renewed my life.

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