Rash itch that wont go away?

Ever since I was dx in 2016 lung cancer I have a rash itch that wont go away. Oncologist and dermatologist don’t know what to do? Any suggestions? Thank you.

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  1. Jennifer M. Toth moderator says:

    Dear tiki22,
    I, too, have had a problem with rashes ever since beginning my treatment in 2014. I’m glad to hear you’ve discussed it with your healthcare team. Unfortunately, I received the same “I don’t know” regarding mine. I am currently on Opdivo which does have a side effect of a rash, however, my rash looks nothing like it should due to Opdivo. I have found that Benadryl Spray works best for me. Of course, check with your healthcare team before beginning any new medication, but I hope this is of help to you. Jennifer, LungCancer.net Team

  2. Margot moderator says:

    Hi tiki22,

    Thanks so much for your question. I am sorry to hear about your rash and itch; are you currently in treatment? Several treatments for lung cancer can cause changes to the skin or create rashes on the skin. More information, and tips for management, are available here that may be helpful: https://lungcancer.net/treatment-side-effects-skin-rashes/ Thinking of you!

    Margot, LungCancer.net Team

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