What’s To Come After Being Fully Vaccinated

The battle against Covid is not over yet after seeing a number of variants of concern emerging. My family received our second dose by the end of July. The second shots were not as bad as the first ones. Despite having Covid protection, my family is not out of the woods yet. Setting extra safety measures for my family becomes part of our daily routines.

Still following health protocols

We are facing the fourth wave of soaring Covid cases. Despite being fully vaccinated, adhering to health protocols continues. The fundamentals of social distancing, masks on, and sanitizing remain important as variants of concern emerge in our midst. I only see my oncologist in person once in six months. The other times mainly over the phone in order to minimize my exposure to hospital settings. My family doctor appointments are mainly by phone too.

Minimize going to indoor spaces

Who does not like dining out and going to museums, malls, concerts, sports gyms, and movie theatres? Now that Covid has been confirmed to transmit more in indoor settings, my family has made changes to limit going to indoor spaces for now until this pandemic is over. However back to in-person school, indoor sports, and the end of work from home has begun. Following health protocols is really a must. I am grateful fully vaccinated policies are in place to control the spread of Covid.

Facing fully vaccinated mandates

Currently, in the city where I live, some vaccination mandates are being implemented in universities, workplaces, events, sports, restaurants, and movie theatres to name a few. Vaccination cards or Apps are available to show proof of full vaccination. Instead of total lockdowns, the government is rolling outs proof of vaccination programs.

One household home visit

Before the Pandemic, I love going to special occasion parties like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Other times I host parties at my home. Now with Covid still uncontrollable, my family has agreed to limit to one other household to come and visit us. That would mean only my daughter’s family. It is a way of limiting our close contacts.

No to traveling for now

Who does not love to travel? Before Covid, my family loved to go to the waterparks in Wisconsin Dells, stroll along the skyline and architecture of Chicago, shop at Minnesota’s Mall of America, and visit Orlando’s Disney World. While on the Canadian side, we love the Canadian Rockies, Niagara Falls, Old City of Quebec, and lighthouses of St. John’s. With the US-Canada border restrictions and quick changes due to Covid mandates or restrictions, my family has put aside trips for now till Covid comes to pass.

With Covid cases increasing and vaccination lagging, the battle against Covid is far from over. My family and I will give our best to exercise safety measures to protect ourselves and others. In the city where I live, the third dose of the Covid vaccine is accessible. For my family, we have to wait at least six months after our last doses.

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