Inside the silhouette of a pair of lungs, two people look up at the sky with sad and hopeful expressions.

This or That: Lung Cancer and Self-Identity

Because of the uniqueness of each person with lung cancer, the effects of lung cancer will also be different for each person. We're interested in hearing more about your journey with lung cancer and how it's changed who you are. Let's play This or That to find out more about you.

A lung cancer diagnosis can potentially alter a person's sense of self. They may experience physical differences and react differently to various situations.

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This or That

Since being diagnosed with lung cancer, what part of your self-identity has changed the most?

A lung cancer diagnosis is a major event in a person's life that can make them feel many different things. Some people see it as a turning point in their lives that makes them feel like a different person, while others keep a sense of continuity and see themselves as essentially the same, even after the diagnosis.

This or That

When facing a lung cancer diagnosis, do you tend to define yourself...

Though each person's experience with lung cancer is unique, people differ in their willingness to share their journey with others. Some people might use their diagnosis as a means of advocacy. Some people may choose to only discuss it with their family and close friends.

This or That

When discussing your lung cancer journey, what do you prioritize?

A diagnosis of lung cancer can change a person's personality in a big way, making them rethink their priorities, values, and life goals. Having lung cancer can force you to question what you thought you knew about yourself, which leads to a journey of change and reflection.

This or That

When reflecting on your self-identity post-diagnosis, how do you see your lung cancer journey?

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