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Live Beyond the Second Chance

I am living proof that targeted therapy treatment works well for stage 4 lung cancer survivors with gene mutation and brain metastasis. Moreover, the quality of care I get from my health care team and the under one roof cancer care services have been so exceptional.

Thus, from the onset, my burden was lifted. Lung cancer is the leading cause of death ahead of breast, colon, and prostate combined. The online support groups enable me to show comfort for those who lost loved ones from lung cancer as well as spread comfort to those suffering and facing mortality.

Show love and respect

Being in a community of lung cancer survivors and newly diagnosed patients gives me a chance to show love and respect. I can show my understanding of the changes that come with their lung cancer journey. Second, I am able to ease their sad feelings or boost their spirits by comforting words. On top of them all, what works for me can work for others or sometimes not.

Practice humility and express fairness

My advanced stage condition constantly brushing up to my face the brevity of life. I am humbled knowing my life is numbered. Besides, I have to keep my reliance on my healthcare team with the utmost purpose of showing fairness. As a cancer survivor, I need to respect the different roles my cancer experts would contribute to my survival. Lung cancer is the biggest cancer killer yet it receives less fraction of cancer research funding. Whether a smoker or not, I believe both deserve a chance to live and be given a fair fight.

Show forgiveness

Some people or even medical specialists associate a lung cancer diagnosis as a smoker disease because society created that stigma. Anyone with lungs can have lung cancer. I am more committed to spreading lung cancer awareness to break this stigma. Lung cancer patients continue to rally for increase education and detection.

On my part, I will continue to raise funds for lung cancer research and be the small voice of spreading awareness.

Be peaceful

A cancer journey brings chaos but it is up to me to learn how to stay peaceful and balanced with myself. When I get appointments rescheduled, I think about my cancer specialists and how they may also have limited choices in patients’ care. I agree with the restrictions and health protocols that are set up to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus. My family and I stay home as our part to not spread COVID-19. There is only one person who goes out for essentials.

Beyond the second chance

Being a lung cancer survivor is a gift. I have to make each day count. I will embrace the second chance of living with lung cancer to create lasting relationships and spread love. Furthermore, being counted as one of the community advocates gives me a big role to have a visible voice in the lung cancer world.

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